Our Philosophy

PBC seeks to develop a Christ-centered focus in young lives. We want to instill a desire in the youth to serve the communities they come from and share Christ with their neighbors, family, friends, community, and the entire world.

Goals and Objectives

– To make Christ real in order to reach campers in a new and personal way
– To inspire them with a sense of mission and vision to share the return of Christ with the world
– To make the Bible come alive in ways it has never has before
– To provide a spiritual experience and atmosphere for the youth
– To allow Christian youth to form positive friendships with other Christian youth
– To give each camper a sense of his/her worth to God as His child
– To provide role models of happy, consecrated Christians
– To help campers gain a sense of the beauty and splendor of nature, and learn what it teaches about God
– To help campers develop and use their personal talents for Christ
– To demonstrate by word and action the benefits of following God’s principles in diet, dress, social relations, music, and entertainment
– To give each camper the opportunity to accept Christ as his/her personal Savior