2017: Be Light


Camp food is vegetarian, dairy-free, and low in refined sugars and fats. Campers with food allergies or sensitivities must take personal responsibility to avoid such items. Anyone needing to bring specialized food items to accommodate their dietary needs must clear this in advance with camp administration. No food items may be stored in camper lodgings.

Social Relations

During camp, there will be opportunities to form and renew friendships with many young people. Boyfriend and girlfriend relationships are not permitted. All exclusive friendships, even with members of the same gender, are not compatible with camp goals.


Camp Attire: Bring sturdy clothing and shoes suitable for outdoor camp activities. Tops should not be sleeveless, low cut, or see-through. Avoid questionable, offensive, or suggestive images, lettering, or logos. No shorts. A modified dress code is acceptable for specified activities, but should not be worn during regular classes, line call, meals, etc.

Especially for Guys: Shirts should be tucked in. Hats should not be worn backward or sideways and should be removed inside a building and for all prayers.

Especially for Girls: Everyday wear for most camp activities is modest skirts and dresses. Skirts should cover the knee when standing or sitting, and allow a full stride. Slits must end below the knee. Tops must be long enough to cover bare skin when reaching or bending over. For designated activities, fingertip-length tops or tunics over pants are acceptable.